Inspiration | Ben Jenkins


When I saw that Ben Jenkins of One Fast Buffalo was speaking at the DSVC Monthly Meeting, I knew my team needed to see his work and hear his wisdom. So we bought everyone tickets and drove out towards my neck of the woods in Dallas to hear from a guy livin' the dream.

Several years ago, I actually applied to OFB. I didn't realize how tiny their team was, but I knew I loved their work and focus on quality — a commitment to deeply understanding their clients and delivering intentional, authentic, and unquestionably good work.

If you're anything like me, you may know their work from TX Whiskey. Not only is the logo itself just perfect, but they decided to give new life to old scraps of leather for the bottle caps. Cowboy boots and old belts now adorn these gorgeous bottles. How cool is that? Again, authenticity and intentionality. 

Now listen, Ben's life is something most designers can only dream of. Even if his recipe doesn't work for us, we can still take ingredients from his story and apply them to our lives. For instance, we may not all have the luxury of delivering just one version of anything, ever. But we can have the grit to step away from a concept that isn't working, to ensure that we're proud of everything we create and present. We may not be able to spend the majority of our time designing on the road in an Airstream trailer, but we can get out and see things, seek direct and indirect forms of inspiration, immerse ourselves in environments that conjure deeper connections. I may not be able to partner with Jack White on any project, but I can still pour my time and energy into things that matter to me, side projects that get me excited and bring value to my life.

If you've got an extra few minutes, I encourage you to go check out one of his more recent blog posts. His ability to connect themes from nature to the creative process really hits home with me. My new mantra: Create like a river.

Julie Beall